Gold and Silver Plating

Have you ever wondered about terms such as gold-plated, silver-plated, gold-filled, etcetera?  Here are the most important points to know!


Gold-plated items refer to a thin gold-coating placed over a base metal such as brass.  The gold-plating provides luster and protects the underlying metal from tarnishing or affecting the wearer's skin.  Protect the coating by keeping the item away from moisture and chemicals.


This term describes jewelry in a base metal such as brass or silver that has a thicker coating of gold-plating and labeled by karat.  For example, 18K gold-filled. 


Vermeil describes a piece of jewelry made of silver that has at least 2 microns of gold layered over it.  This method is better than both gold-plated and gold-filled, but they all serve to protect the underlying base metal from tarnishing. 


This identifies jewelry with a base metal (often brass) that is plated with silver.  This term is may be used in a manner to confuse consumers and make them think they are getting a solid Sterling Silver product.  Not at SFJ!