Yellow Diamond Cross

Perfectly matched, natural yellow diamonds.

The initial face-up CAD image was perfect. A question was sent to the CAD designer to see if there was a bail, a place to place the chain, or if one still needed to be added.

A reply was quickly received with the CAD side-view rendering showing the built-in bail design and was approved by the jeweler for production.

The final product is a gorgeous, custom piece that clients are likely to only find at SFJ. Contact us if you would like one custom-built for you.

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Remake Wedding Ring

Original wedding ring worn thin after 23 years. Client wanted to re-design the ring with side trillions.

Initial CAD design. Modifications for shared prongs and a wider band were submitted to the CAD designer.

Revised CAD rendering after feedback from customer and jeweler.

Final re-designed wedding ring next to original band.

Remake Wedding Ring into Pendant

SFJ Owner's original wedding set, redesigned after receiving a new 20th anniversary ring.

After a few initial concept sketches, this is the final sketch Kate made and submitted to the CAD designer.

Within about one business day, she received the artist rendering and price quote. Kate provided a few adjustments back to the CAD team.

The one-of-a-kind final product using Kate's diamonds and sourcing the sapphires and topaz gemstones. This piece can be custom ordered for clients with variations as desired.

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Mommy and Me Birthday Rings

Mom purchased a matching set of opals for her daughter's birthday (October), and gave her the option to make earrings or matching Mommy/Daughter rings.

The daughter looked through the Stuller catalog, selected 18 options, narrowed them down to 8, then selected this setting and chose aquamarine accents stones.

The daughter picked six rosegold settings that Mom could "choose" from. Mom selected this setting and chose pink tourmaline accents, her daughter's other October birthstone.

Mommy and Daughter have an experience to remember and rings with perfectly matched opals celebrating the daughter's birthday.


A beautiful bicolor tourmaline set in yellow gold and accented with diamonds at each end.

Watermelon tourmaline, hand-selected matching pair, bezel-set into solid sterling silver.

Mexican Boulder Opal

A rare, gorgeous Mexican Boulder opal specimen. The sterling pendant with diamonds was selected to highlight its beauty juxtaposed with the rock matrix.